The tricks in the assembly of furniture from IKEA

Many people have a desire to purchase designer furniture, but there is no opportunity. And here IKEA appears with fashionable and stylish furniture at a price that is much lower than expensive brands. The company does not hide that it produces furniture from recycled, renewable materials like: wood, cotton, metal, plastic, glass and rattan. So IKEA reduces costs, saves resources – the price of goods is lower.

For many buyers, a trip to IKEA is a ritual. Come early to the store, take a cart and go on a long journey through the furniture mazes. You independently select, measure, take the necessary goods from the shelves, take them to the checkout, pack and take them home. Boring buying furniture turns into a kind of game, an exciting journey. No need to go for interior items in different shops. In IKEA, you buy everything at once in one place, and see how it will look in the complex.

The Swedish company represents a holistic concept of housing arrangement: furniture, household appliances, textiles, home accessories, interior design tips, showrooms with equipped rooms.

Many companies sell inexpensive furniture, but only IKEA managed to collect all the household goods and show how they can be put together. Furniture comes to the customer in a disassembled form. But you do not need to be a designer, engineer or designer to connect its elements. Included are tools and detailed instructions, so 9 out of 10 that you will succeed. But it will be better to use ikea assembly service to make sure that everything is correct.

When assembling you are involved in the process of creating furniture and take part of the work for yourself

Due to this, IKEA reduces assembly costs and keeps prices lower than those of competitors. The process of buying furniture becomes more fun due to pleasant things: free pencils and tape measures, the ability to touch any goods, lie on the bed, jump on the mattress. And no annoying salesmen – no manager will approach you until you ask for such rules.

IKEA monitors fashion trends and annually updates a third of its products. This is a kind of design guide to the masses. Their items can be found in both budget and world-class designer interiors. Even members of the British royal family, Prince William, and his wife, Kate Middleton, confessed that they had purchased furniture for their children at IKEA.

Lack of individuality

Furniture models are replicated many times, so it’s quite possible that you will see “your” cupboard at home with your friends or somewhere else. At the same time, not everyone has to taste the minimalist design that is characteristic of IKEA.

Practical, affordable, stylish. Under this slogan, all IKEA furniture is being developed. The company’s history began at a time when Ingvar Kamprad could not squeeze the table he bought into his car. Kamprad decided the difficulty that arose simply – he sawed off the legs at the table. So there was a flat-cabinet furniture. Furniture production was based in a small shed in the backyard, but today represents a huge empire, leading its activities in many countries around the world. Ingvar Kamprad himself is one of the richest man on the planet.

The secret of manufacturing success lies in the original furniture design. In addition to beauty, each product must be durable, inexpensive as a wardrobe, suitable for mass production, easy to assemble and its packaging must be flat, which is necessary for convenient transportation. This is not an easy creative task. Designers are forced to pacify their creative fervor. It is necessary to reduce costs and efforts in production to a minimum. They ruthlessly remove all complex components that have arisen in the design process and that can affect all of the above indicators.

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